The company which is owned by Kibbutz Hulda provides solutions for power requirements for the operation of equipment at varied industries in Israel and the world. We at Hulda Transformers have been manufacturing these products while adhering to stringent international quality and safety standards. The quality and reliability has no competition and has been proven repeatedly for many years.


Every transformer produced by Hulda Transformers meets the highest standards in the industry: VDE, IEC, CE and UL.


In addition, the company specializes in manufacturing of medical transformers according to UL2601-1, Israel Standard 61558, DIN VDE 0551 and in accordance with standard IEC60601-1 under license No. 8312316348. In addition, we have a Quality Standard file for a series of transformers manufactured for medical sites under license No. 68140 (issued by the Standards Institute of Israel).


In addition, the company has permission to manufacture UL RECOGNIZED transformers according to license No. 116554 issued by UL Laboratories for transformers having an isolation system 130ºC (CLASS B) and 180ºC (CLASS H).


HULDA TRANSFORMERS executes complete assembly projects (or sub-assembly) according to the requirements of our customers and according to the specific product file provided by our customers. Under full Turnkey terms, the finished product is shipped to our customers’ warehouses fully inspected and packaged.


Company staff (veteran as well as new workers), go through scheduled training and have the technological abilities that allow them to read and implement the engineering instructions as set down by the Engineering Department of Hulda Transformers. These specifications meet the customers’ full requirements while maintaining full compliance with international standards.


The Research and Development Department allows us to match products to the needs of every customer; to withstand the specific under load conditions, the ability to pre-plan the size of the product required according to the special requirements of the future finished product. The knowledge of the Engineering Department is specialized and provides solutions to special and complex requirements.


During each stage of development and manufacturing stringent Quality protocols are implemented allowing for perfect transformers – each and every time. The products of HULDA TRANSFORMERS are flagship products of the most advanced industries: Exporters of medical equipment; equipment that requires exact technologies; Israeli Security Industries and the most advanced hospitals in the country.


HULDA TRANSFORMERS holds a number of patents in the field of cable communications and provides complex and effective solutions for the communication networks.