Three phase Transformer



Three phase transformers  100VA - 100KVA

The three-phase transformer is designed to transform three phase input voltage to single phase or three-phase voltage that is required by the equipment.

The three-phase transformer acts as 3 single-phase transformers; each phase is constructed on a different leg of the EI core.

All the safety standards that are applicable to the single-phase transformer are applicable for the three-phase transformer.

These transformers are constructed according to the customer's requirements; one or more of the options can be added to general requirements:


Isolating transformer or autotransformer.
Input voltage and frequency according to customer's requirements.
Output voltage and power rating according to customer's requirements.
Multiple input and output windings.
Increased dielectric strength.
Built-in thermal protection.
Static shield between primary and secondary.
Insulation class B (130°C) or class H (180°C).
Manufactured according to specific standard.
Mechanical construction and dimensions according to customer's requirements.
Open core and coil construction or metal enclosure.
UL Recognized construction according to File No. 116554(M).


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