Single phase Autotransformers



The Autotransformer is designed to change a wide range of mains voltages to a matching voltage of the appliance operating voltage.

These transformers are capable of adjusting voltage to higher or lower rate then the electrical distribution system, but they can't change frequency of a supply circuit.

However, in most instances, 60Hz equipment can be operated from a 50Hz supply.

The input winding is in electrical series connection with the output winding; the input and output are not electrically isolated.     

The standard Autotransformers are designed to change mains primary 230V into secondary 115V.


Technical data:    Primary voltage            : 230 volts, single phase, 50/60Hz.

                          Secondary voltage       : 115 volts, 50¸2500VA.

                          Insulation class            : B (130°C).

                          Dielectric Strength       : 2000V primary & secondary - core.


Mechanical dimensions (mm):






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