Hulda Transformers was established in 1975 and is owned by Kibbutz Hulda.


Hulda Transformers produces and distributes Laminated, C-Core, Toroidal and Ferrite transformers, as well as Power Supplies and Full Assembliesaccording to clients' specifications - for commercial, military & medical equipment.


Our R&D department also designs special transformers for unique applications according to the clients' specifications.



Every transformer complies with the applicable safety requirements forCE, BABT, IEC, VDE & UL standards.

Our Quality Assurance Management System (ISO 9001:2000) is certified by the Standards Institution of Israel.


Supervision and quality control at every production stage, statistical follow-up, calibration and periodical testing of quality control equipment enable us to maintain the highest standards of quality.


Hulda Transformers has authorization to manufacture:

   UL RECOGNIZED - products according to UL file No. 116554(M) for Class B (130°C) & Class H (180°C) Insulation System


   Medical Isolating Transformers Family complies to IEC60601-1 according to certificate No. 8312316348


Activity: Mfg., Exp.

   Single phase Transformers

   Three phase Transformers

   Special Transformers

   Coils, Chokes

   Ac/Ac & Ac/Dc Power supplies

   Control Transformers

   Power Transformers



   Isolating Transformers


   CATV Power Supply

   Ferroresonant Transformers for CATV

   Medical grade Transformers

   Hospital grade Transformers

   Turnkey, full assembly according to client spec.




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Kibbutz Hulda, D.N. Emek Sorek 76842, Israel Tel: 972-8-9445340, Fax: 972-8-9445338 E-mail: