Ferroresonant power supply for CATV



The Model SUPER-1M series of power supplies is a non-standby AC constant voltage power supply to operate line amplifiers in a CATV distribution system.
The standard SUPER-1M series generates single output voltage according to the TRUNK AMP voltage, normally 50V or higher up to 90V.

Special models were designed to provide a proper solution for a new backup system for CATV NETWORK.
These models were designed to work with backup system that provides TRUNK AMP backup by using non-standby power supplies. These models are provided with two or more taps on the secondary winding. Some models are equipped with an electronic current sensor circuit that causes the output to automatically tap to a higher voltage in order to correct voltage at the end of the distribution line during higher output current consumption.

 SUPER-2M series is a special design of power supply to work with backup system.
The unit is designed to replace two units in a cabinet.
Normally each cabinet contains one non-standby power supply and one UPS.
This power supply is equipped with three or more output taps and two coaxial sockets, Each socket can be connected to a different tap in order to provide the correct input voltage to the LOCAL TRUNK AMP and to the backup system that is connected through the backup system.





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